My name is Austin Tott and I’m an art director, photographer and designer based out of Seattle, Washington. As an experienced editorial and product photographer, I’ve worked in-house for Amazon and Zulily. With a formal education in graphic design and photography, I have a keen eye for detail and the technical skills to get the job done. I'm passionate about collaboration; I believe that communication plays a vital role in getting an idea from start to finish. Excellence is possible and I strive to wring it out of everything that I create.

When I’m not busy creating, I can be found on my quest to try all the ice cream flavors that Seattle has to offer or meandering through thrift stores in hopes of finding that perfect object that will spark my next personal project. These wanderings inspired me to create a series that went viral and helped to build my social media presence to over 27,000 followers.

I look forward to collaborating with you!









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